craigsnbacon-Craig Smith-MUSIC PRODUCTION
craigsnbacon-Craig Smith-MUSIC PRODUCTION

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Mixing & Mastering

At Craigsn’ Bacon Music Production, we are more than just a recording studio.

We are your gateway to a world of endless musical possibilities, combining the best in music production with artist representation and an annual music festival that celebrates the very essence of creativity.

Graig Smith

With a track record of crafting hits and nurturing talent, we offer a unique blend of services that cater to both emerging and established artists.


Music Production

Our studio is a playground for sonic explorers. From crisp beats to mind-blowing melodies, we ensure that every element of your song is meticulously arranged and recorded to perfection.


At our studio we know great music begins with exceptional lyrics. Whether you’re searching for captivating lyrics to complement your melody or need an entirely fresh and original composition, we’re ready to craft the perfect words and melodies to bring your music to life and captivate your audience.

Mixing & Mastering

Elevate your music to its full potential with our Mixing and Mastering Services. As an audio engineer I possess the finesse and technical expertise to transform your raw recordings into polished, professional tracks that sound exceptional on any platform. From balancing instruments to enhancing the clarity and depth of your sound, we ensure that your music reaches its acoustic peak. Whether you’re an emerging artist looking for that radio-ready sound or an established musician aiming to fine-tune your next hit, our meticulous attention to detail and a combination of vintage analog gear and state-of-the-art processing will give your music the final touch it deserves. Let us be the sonic architects behind your masterpiece, delivering tracks that capture every nuance and emotion, ready to captivate your audience.


The Happiness Mafia.

World-Class Sound with Our Boutique Custom Experience.


Imagine having the chance to perform at our exclusive annual Four Winds Music Festival. As a client of Craigsn’ Bacon Music Production, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your music on a grand stage, sharing your passion with a diverse and enthusiastic audience.


Craigsn’ Bacon Music Production

Mixing & Mastering

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