Graig Smith

Craig Smith is a true musical explorer and pathfinder, a versatile artist who dons multiple hats in the world of music. An accomplished songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, confident live performer, recording artist, and highly sought-after producer, mixer, and sound engineer, Craig’s musical journey is as diverse as it is impactful. Based in the picturesque Georgian Bay Area, he has made this region his creative home, where he passionately records and produces music.

Renowned for his distinctive blend of laid-back folk and pop music, Craig’s compositions are characterized by their passion for atmospherics and emotional songwriting. His music and performances encapsulate the essence of vintage rock, soul, and R&B, all viewed through the lens of a modern-day singer-songwriter. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Neil Young and David Bowie, Craig values the integrity of following one’s artistic instincts over being confined to a single genre.

With an extensive musical background, Craig has toured internationally, released three solo albums, and co-founded the folk-alternative band ONTARIANS, whose debut album, “The Greatest Short Story Never Told,” received critical acclaim in 2021. ONTARIANS is currently working on a new release scheduled for spring 2024. Additionally, Craig takes the lead as the songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for the neo-soul, Motown-inspired band Queen M. Furthermore, he’s set to release “Frozen Light,” his eagerly anticipated new solo album in the fall of 2024.

In a unique twist, Craig’s musical journey recently took him to Antarctica as the ship’s entertainer and part of an expedition team, where he completed four tours from South America to Antarctica over a two-month period in late 2022 to winter 2023.

CRAIG SMITH Antarctica

Back on more familiar ground, he is the co-founder of The Happiness Mafia, a concert-producing venture responsible for the successful Four Winds Music Fest in Durham, Ontario, which hosted 18 bands and music artists over three days in July 2023 at Riverstone Retreat. Not only is Craig an accomplished artist, but he’s also a community-minded individual who leads and instructs nearly 60 kids and adults through the Marsh Street Rocks music program, teaching them how to play in a band.

Throughout his multifaceted career, whether he’s in the studio producing music for other artists, performing solo or with his bands, or planning the next big musical event, one constant remains – Craig exudes a warmth and honesty that permeates everything he touches, everyone he meets, and every song he sings.


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